Orange Glazed Salmon | Paleo Leap

Combining all of the classic flavors paired with salmon into one recipe, this citrus glazed fish is a light and refreshing main dish for all year round. Source: Orange Glazed Salmon | Paleo Leap


2 Easy Pie Crusts, the BraveTart and Food Lab Ways | Serious Eats

You've probably noticed that we have two different pie crust recipes that we call upon with regularity here on Serious Eats. In one corner, from 2011, we have my Easy Pie Dough, and in the other corner, from 2016, we've got Stella's Old-Fashioned Flaky Pie Dough. What gives? Do we really need two pie dough recipes in our arsenal, and which one is better than the other?\n\nDon't...


The Blogger Behind the “Taco Pop Tart” Wants You to Know Something

This tweet bounced through my Twitter feed with the usual groan that accompanies such SEO-friendly culinary misdemeanors—ones that claim "discovery" or "invention" of a food some of us, especially those of us whose forefathers came of age outside America, hold sacred. I have trained my eye to detect when tweets like this make the rounds, because it happens with rather metronomic...

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How To Make Perfect Hard or Soft Boiled Eggs | OPOS® Boiled Eggs | Chef In You

Make Hard or Soft Boiled Eggs that also peels very easily every single time with this simple pressure cooker method. For a blog that boasts of ovo-lacto vegetarian recipes, you might think I would have posted something as basic asHard Boiled Eggs ages ago, wouldn't you?  Well, you assumed wrong. Well, in my defense, I have a very good reason for it.  That being, I had yet to find...